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    About Me

    I hold the copyright of all photos and text on this website - please refer to the copyright and conditions of use page for more information.

    I have a stock photo order form if you want to buy a photograph for a book, magazine, website or other type of publication, and there's also a print order form if you want to buy a print of one of my photos.

    If you have corrections to items on the site, or you just want to contact me, then feel free to email me at this address:

    (to cut down on the 50 or so pieces of junk email I receive every day, the email address shown above is actually an image - it can't be copied and pasted, it has to be manually typed in)

    If you do contact me then please provide a meaningful subject line for the email, if it says something vague like "hi" or "question for you" then it will probably end up unopened in the trash can as spam.

    I was born and grew up in New Zealand, but since November of 1997 I've been living and working in the USA as a contractor software engineer.    As a contractor, I've moved around a lot, usually by U-hauling myself from one city to another.   This is why I've been able to spend time in San Diego, Northern Virginia, Chicago, Northern New Jersey and Los Angeles.

    All of my family is either in New Zealand, or in the United Kingdom, which is where my parents came from.   The exception to this is my cousin Duncan, who is living and teaching English in Japan.   My father was an only child, but my mother is the oldest of thirteen, which means that I have about a million aunts, uncles and cousins in the UK, none of whom I've ever met!   I don't even know the names of any of these cousins, or most of the aunts and uncles.   Two of my aunts, Jenny and Margaret, moved to New Zealand after my mother, so I know them.

    As you probably know if you've looked around this website, I'm very interested in photography, and this interest is tied in closely with my other interests - travel, airshows and aircraft museums, and wildlife in its various forms, including birds, insects, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and the underwater world.