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    Fungus Website Links


    Mycological Resources on the Internet The best thing about this list of mushroom websites is how exhaustive it is, meaning that you can find a website devoted to any aspect of fungus which interests you.   The worst thing about this list of fungus websites is how exhaustive it is, meaning that it might take a lot of digging around to find a website devoted to the aspect of fungus which interests you.   There's a separate listing of websites dealing with the classification of all fungi, including lichens.   Last visited in January of 2008.
    MykoWeb There are lots of photos of American fungi here, in groups of 10 photos per page.   The navigation could be made easier - at the moment, you have to return to the index page each time you want to get to the next group of photos.  There's also a good website links page.
    Fungi Images on the Net This website contains links to 1600 different fungus photos scattered across the internet.   Unfortunately, you have to know the name of the fungus to find the photo, so it's not much good as an initial identification guide.
    Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi This website features photographs of fungi from various areas of the world, which you have to proceed through one at a time.   The fungi are great, the photos are good but not quite big enough, but there's no information at all about what the fungi are, where they were found or what their life cycles are.


    Fungimap As the authors point out, Australia has around 250,000 species of fungi and only 20 mycologists, so there are lots of undescribed species.   The researchers who maintain this website are developing a target list of easily identifiable Australian fungi, and when I visited in March of 2003 this list had grown to around 100 species.   This list is in fact a photo gallery of mostly pretty cool looking fungi!   There's also an amusing list of strange facts about fungi which explains the origin of Santa Claus, among other things.

    Costa Rica

    Macrofungi of Costa Rica This website has a section which has Costa Rican fungi listed by family, unfortunately if you're try to identify a fungus and don't know the name or family then you have to search each species page by page.

    New Zealand

    The Hidden Forest This individual's private website has a huge number of fungi photos, and an excellent identification guide.
    New Zealand Fungi It bills itself as the "gateway to all things fungi in New Zealand", and it pretty much achieves its goal, containing an excellent list of links to private, government and commercial fungus sites, as well as the extremely good images made by the "photo fungi foray group".   Last visited in January of 2005.
    The New Zealand site:  fungi This sub-section of a larger site showing photographs of New Zealand contains a fantastic set of photo galleries of some of New Zealand's wonderful and colourful fungi.   There are some great photos on this site, including one of a moth killed by fungus.


    Tom Volk's Fungi Tom Volk is a professor at the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse, and he takes his teaching very seriously.   His website is full of great photos and pages about individual fungi, with a terrific amount of interesting information on each species, unfortunately navigating through them takes quite a while, and I couldn't find any galleries of images of different fungi, which would speed up the process considerably.
    David Work  (Fiddlehead) This guy isn't a fungus professional, but he has several wonderful galleries of extremely attractive and interesting fungi.

    www.www.gzbgl.cn / Fungi / Website Links